Party @ the Pool!

By on August 4, 2014

Whether you are in the market for installing a new pool or just dreaming about installing a pool here are some very useful tips!  When you think of some of the best parties you have probably attended, it is probably a pool party.  Since in some regions owners of pools can only use their pool a few months out of the year, they really make due in the summer.  There is nothing like seeing an Evite in your email inbox that says “Pool Party”!  The great atmosphere pool builders AZ brings to a home is undeniable!  Because pools are not cheap to install, a lot of planning and due diligence is a must.  When we first installed our pool we contacted several different contractors and got as many bids as we could.  Next, we narrowed it down by the cost and their portfolio.  Our contractor at Landscape Design Phoenix (APSP Approved) was actually able to make a really great 3D view of our yard with the projected view of the pool.  We were able to see exactly how much of the yard it would take up and he even input images of where our plants and trees would be planted.  This little tidbit definitely set our pool contractor aside from the other contractors we saw.  Being able to actually see the finished product before it was even started was pretty amazing and motivating for us to get started on the project!  Once we decided on our contractor, we picked off season during the winter months to have it installed.  Sometimes contractors give you an estimate of time it will take to be completed but because of permits, ordering of parts, etc. it can take a lot longer than expected.  Our installation was supposed to be 2 months of construction and ended up being around 3.5 months till completion.  This was obviously not our contractors fault but we were thankful we didn’t start the project later in the spring like we were initially going to do.  Another thing to keep in mind when starting your project is the mess!  Wow!  Thankfully, we live in Arizona and there is not much rain.  I couldn’t imagine going that many months with constant tracking in of dirt and mud.  Picking out the design and colors palates are a lot of fun when constructing your design.  There are so many to choose from since the old school concrete pools.  You can actually color coordinate your PebbleTec to the gorgeous tiles.  Then you can choose from a variety of different water features.  We went with natural rock and a waterfall in the center of our pool.  Our kids absolutely love climbing on the rock features and jumping off them!  Every kids dream!  Once your pool is finished be ready for the whole neighborhood to get extra friendly!  Almost all my neighbors are calling daily to see if we are swimming!  Not to mention, our pool parties at the house have be unforgettable!

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